Important Safety Information

  1. When using a weighted blanket, a child should be able to put on an remove it themselves. Their head and neck should remain free at all times. The chid must also consent to the use of the cover. Any sign of refusal, verbal or non verbal, must be respected.
  2. Children should not use blankets weighted for an adult or a child much larger than they are.
  3. Never use a weighted blanket on infants or children younger than 2 years old. If they are having trouble sleeping, please consult your healthcare provider for other options.
  4. Make sure the inner layer has no leaks before use. All blankets are properly checked before expedition, but children may want to create a leak, just to see what is inside.
  5. Do not put the blanket in contact or close to any source of heat such as flames or heating system.
  1. Potential suffocation hazard: Solace blankets should be used with care. To minimize any risks, please ensure that the user can remove the blanket on their own, without any assistance.
  2. For children, individuals with disabilities, and the elderly, please ensure that the user can remove the blanket without assistance, and seek guardian approval before usage.
  3. Solace blankets should not be used by children under the age of 5 or by individuals weighing less than 50 pounds.
  4. Potential chocking hazard: The plastic pellets found inside the blankets may be a chocking hazard for children. To avoid this, we recommend checking for damages upon receiving your blanket as well as checking before and after putting your blanket in the washing machine.
  5. Do not put the blanket close to any source of heat or heating systems.
  6. WARNING: DO NOT use this product as a replacement for medical advice.