The outer duvet cover is made from a plush microfiber material which gives it its ultra softness and durability. The 100% cotton inner layer, the weighted blanket, is filled with odorless non-toxic poly pellets to provide optimal weight and pressure.

Our blankets mimic the feeling of being hugged by utilizing Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation. This technique naturally reduces blood pressure and cortisol (a stress hormone) while increases melatonin and serotonin to deliver a calming feeling that helps you sleep better and faster. It has been used in occupational therapy for years and has been proven to help reduce insomnia, stress, anxiety and help people suffering from other disorders and diseases such as PTSD, anxiety and more.
The science behind a weighted blanket is weight distribution. Solace weighted blankets have twice as much holding compartments then other blankets allowing the non-toxic poly pellets to scatter less during shifting. A result, they are evenly distributed and provide gentle pressure across your entire body
Solace blankets are designed to fit your personal needs and preferences and represent 7-10% of your body weight. As such, we offer 3 ranges of weights; 15lbs, 20lbs and 25lbs and 2 size formats. Our twin blankets measure 48x72 inches available in all 3 weights. We are also proud to be the only vendor to offer queen-size blanket measuring 60 x 80 inches for 20lbs. For more information on the weighted blanket, the sizes and weights available, visit the solace weighted blanket product page.

In order to provide our customers with the best service, all orders are processed and shipped from our California and Montreal warehouses. We offer free shipping which takes between 3-6 business days. Express shipping is available at an additional cost. Click here for more information on shipping.
Aside from shipping to the United States, we are proud to offer our customers ground shipping to Canada. Transit times is typically about 3-6 business days. Express shipping is available at an additional fee. Click here for more information on shipping.

It’s simple. You have 100 nights to try out your new Solace blanket. If for any reasons you are not completely satisfied with it, you can return it hassle-free and get your money back guaranteed. Click here for more information on returns.

Each blanket contains an inner layer and an outer cover that are machine washable. Simply remove the inner layer by opening the zipper and untying it from the duvet cover. Wash both separately. Click here for more washing instructions.