Solace Weighted Blanket

Solace is a therapeutic weighted blanket that mimics the feeling of being gently held or hugged. Our blankets are engineered to distribute weight evenly across your entire body to provide the optimal level of comfort and relaxation.   Inside each blanket, thousands of tiny beads surround your body and apply...

Solace Weighted Sleep Mask

HOW IT WORKS Solace Sleep Masks deliver a similar calming affect as our blankets by utilizing Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation. Our cooling design contours the face to eliminate light and stimulate pressure points around the eyes.  The weighted eye masks are equipped with a adjustable back strap allowing the weight to...

Royal Blue Duvet Cover

Individual duvet covers are now available for purchase in our NEW Royal Blue Collection. Customize your sleep style today ! Material: 100% ultra soft Minky polyester on BOTH sides of the cover for ultimate comfort. Size:  Twin 48” x 72”Queen 60" x 80"    

Cooling Cover

HOW IT WORKS Whether you like to sleep in warmer temperatures or colder ones, the Cooling Duvet Cover was made for you. Unlike other cooling covers that are made of thin non-durable material, the Solace Cooling Cover duvet is made of a strong breathable cooling fabric that draws moisture away from the...