Choosing the right blanket to help you sleep

Choosing the right blanket to help you sleep

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Getting your zzz’s on is a lot more complicated than it should be sometimes. Your sleep can be disrupted by even the slightest chill in the air. Of course, the act of falling asleep itself is half the battle. So how do we temper these pesky influences that keeps us from getting our much need rest? Well, sometimes, it’s as easy as choosing the right blanket to help you sleep.

We’ll be introducing you to your perfect blanket and how it can help, but first — let’s talk about what’s keeping you up in the first place. Is it because of the temperature? Perhaps discomfort? Or is it a mental block that keeps your brain from shutting down properly? Read on to mind out more.



It’s frustrating to have to ask yourself this question. It kind of nags at you and makes it even harder to sleep later on, but it’s unavoidable. Did you know, that around 20 million people in the United States suffer from the occasional sleeping problem? Another 40 million suffer from actual chronic sleeping disorders — this was reported by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS.)

So — what is it that is keeping everyone up at night? As you have probably guessed, the reasoning is different for everyone. Some suffer from lack of sleep due to outside influences, and others suffer because of their own bodies. Which side do you fall in? Are you one of the people who experience trouble sleeping after a particularly stressful day? Or are you someone who’s very picky about the their sleeping routine? Don’t know what I mean? Let me break it down for you.


If the reason that you’re suffering from lack of sleep is because it’s too cold or your blanket is itchy, then outside influences are the cause. These are a lot easier to handle, because — as mentioned in the beginning, the answer can simply be choosing the right blanket to help you sleep. If you’re cold, then bundle up in something warm. If your blanket is itchy, then consider choosing a fabric that is more agreeable with your skin.


I’m not going to lie — bodily influences are a lot more difficult to treat. For some people, it’s so severe that they need prescription medication or forms of therapy. The reason for this type of insomnia might be due to stress, genetic makeup, mental disorders, etc. However, it’s not always so serious. Much like with outside influences, choosing the right blanket might be your one-way ticket to dreamland.


Relax, we’re getting there. We still need to talk about what makes a perfect blanket. Is it the fabric? Is it based on your preference? What is it?

Well, believe it or not, there is a lot more to blankets than just the fabric and your sensitivity to said fabric. It’s not really something that many of us think about. If it’s warm and soft, then that’s all that you need. But is that really true? It might be for some, but if you find yourself experiencing insomnia, then it might benefit you to look into other avenues. That’s what we’re going to do now.


First item in our list, is the blanket’s ability to provide warmth. After all, that’s what most of us connect blankets too. It’s another layer of fabric that we use to cover our skin and keep it from getting chilly. However, have you ever actually considered the exact temperature that your blanket provides? If you find yourself doubling up your blankets, or sticking out a foot so that you’re not too warm — then you’re using the wrong blanket!

The air temperature in the room can greatly affect your sleeping process. In fact, in an article by WebMD, they wrote — that any sudden change in air temperature will not only cause you to wake up but can keep you from sleeping in the first place! This means, that it’s important that you get yourself a blanket that will be able to keep you perfectly warm. Now, if you want the exact numbers, then try to aim for around 60 to 68 degrees. That is the official best temperature to sleep in.


The next thing that we’ll be covering is pressure. It’s actually also the last thing that we’ll be discussing, but hold your horses. We’ll explain why in a bit. First, let’s talk about why pressure can help put you to sleep. So why is pressure so important?

The answer is actually pretty simple — it has to do with the chemicals in our brains. Yeah, haha that doesn’t sound simple at all, but it actually is! Look at it this way, the pressure provided by your blanket mimes a hug. And of course, as touch-starved human beings, we crave this. Our instincts naturally makes us seek out this kind of comfort, and when we get it? Well, let’s just say that our body sings with literal happiness.

Okay, that might have come out a little poetic, but it’s the truth! The perfect hug, one that applies pressure to receptors in our skin, can have our brain sending out chemicals like serotonin. This chemical is not only in charge of regulating our sleep, but is also vital for keeping our emotions in check.


Now, let’s apply the science. The process of choosing the right blanket to help you sleep is actually a lot simpler that you think. You just have to find a blanket that is warm and will provide the kind of pressure that will de-stress your body in all the best ways. Where would you get that kind of blanket? Well, the first thing I’d do is check out weighted blankets for adults.

These blankets are made with a super plush material that is soft and warm. PLUS, the extra weight that comes from the poly pellets stuffed in the product ensures that your body is flushed only with the chemicals that will get you your zzz’s. In conclusion, you don’t have to look too far, because these weighted blankets are specifically made to help people who have trouble sleeping to get their circadian rhythms back in track.

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