10 Ways to Naturally Reduce Stress

10 Ways to Naturally Reduce Stress

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It’s a feeling that spirals. You go up and up, and then down and down, in the same circle of stress again and again. Stress is inevitable. It’s from work, it’s from school, it’s from our relationships- it’s everywhere, and sometimes it just gets too much to handle. In this 10 Ways To Naturally Reduce Stress compilation, we hope to introduce you to a couple of things that will slow that spiral.


Before we start, let’s talk a little bit about stress and how it affects you. Stress isn’t just about feeling exhausted or beaten. It’s not just a mental thing, it can also affect the way that your body functions. When stress piles up and isn’t released, it can cause great damage to your health.

Of course, we all know when we’re stressed. Our body and minds instinctively want to run away from stressful situations, but as mentioned earlier - it’s everywhere. This is the point where you realize that you need to do something about it.  

Fortunately, there are ways that you can deal with it. You just got to find the one that works best for you. Give our 10 Ways To Naturally Reduce Stress compilation a scroll! Perhaps one of these tips will be the key of finding your very own zen.



If you’ve been trying to find a good de-stressor for a while, then you would have probably seen this tip a dozen times. I understand, it’s not for everyone. For some people it’s just another added bit of stress.

However, exercise is definitely one of the best natural de-stressors. It deserves the number one spot on our 10 Ways To Naturally Reduce Stress list, because it actually works. You just got to give it a chance.

There are many different exercises that you can try! It doesn’t have to be weightlifting, cardio, or sprinting. You can relax with a little bit of Yoga as well. Even just that, will allow your body to become flushed with endorphins that will make you feel powerful and alive.



You’re probably going to start seeing a natural pattern here - you’re not going crazy. Because yes - if you haven’t guessed already, then the best way to de-stress is to take on a healthier lifestyle. Food, is a big part of that.

When you clog your body up with tons of processed food, it weighs you down - literally and figuratively. The best thing to do is eat foods that are natural and fresh. I know we’re making it sound easy, but it’s really not.

It might take you faster or longer than others to get used to your brand new diet. It doesn’t have to be a complete change-over either, the best way is to just slowly introduce fresh foods into your meals. This way, you won’t feel like you’re giving anything up.



You might be thinking that this is just some kind of cheesy thing - that doesn’t actually work. However, you’d be wrong. Meditation makes it into our 10 Ways To Naturally Reduce Stress list, because it’s one of the easiest things that you can do.  

No one expects you to meditate for days on end. Even just 10-15 minutes per day will do! It’s a good way of letting your mind breath… and just relax. The NYTimes wrote an article that covered the basics of meditation, read more about here.



This is an important one. Lack of sleep can cause a ton of unnecessary stress. It messes up the hormones in your body that’s in charge of making you feel good. Of course, if you’re the type to struggle with getting enough sleep, you can always consider a couple of changes in your sleep patterns as well!  

Get a cuddle buddy, light a scented candle, or even snuggle yourself inside of a weighted blanket. Weighted blankets are a good way of stimulating serotonin and dopamine, which will ultimately help you ease into a restful sleep.



This is one of those obvious things, but it works! Find a way to talk to somebody, and no - we don’t mean about your problems. Although ranting to someone might help ease some weight off your shoulders. Just spend some time communicating with the people you care about. Heck, even just talking to yourself is perfectly healthy!



There’s a reason why there are massage parlors everywhere! When pressure is applied on different spots of your body, it will release a rush of hormones that will make you feel amazing. It’s almost like getting a hug or wrapping yourself around a warm blanket. It’s natural and fairly inexpensive, plus you won’t have to worry about anything. Just lay there, and let them work their magic!



Sometimes, all it takes is some alone time. Just a moment to recollect your thoughts, away from everything and everyone else. It doesn’t have to be outside, it can just be in a little corner of your bedroom, perhaps with your headphones on loud and a nice relaxing beverage. Just let yourself soak up the moment.



Do you ever get a whiff of something and then your bodies just collapses into a pile of goo? No? Then you’re probably not smelling the right thing! It’s different for everyone of course, you just have to find the one makes your senses come alive.

It doesn’t even have to be a perfume or incense. It can just be the process of making coffee, or maybe something more domestic like the smell of baked cookies or pie.



Although this might sound like one of those cliches, it definitely deserves its own corner inside of our 10 Ways To Naturally Reduce Stress list. Keeping a journal is a good way of keeping your thoughts organized. It allows you to vent out your good and bad experiences, so that you can look back and revisit it in the future. It’s easy too! You don’t have to worry about filling it out everyday either, just write when you feel like writing.



Breath. Just breath. Allow yourself a couple of minutes to just focus on your breathing. Don’t over complicate it either. If you find yourself in a situation where everything looks like it’s falling apart, try to focus on your breathing. It will help out a lot more than you think! Here, WebMD lists a couple of Deep Breathing Exercises that should help you blast through your stress.



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